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Are you searching to rent equip Shippensburg PA and trying to find the best company for heavy equipment? You have landed on the right website.


If you’re looking to build a house, or a building or simply thinking of renovating your property, rental equipment Shippensburg PA has got you covered. Renovating a site without owning construction equipment is stressful but not impossible. Rent Equip Shippensburg makes sure to take care of your needs by providing construction equipment on rent. We have equipment rental in Shippensburg PA consisting of tools of every size and range, starting from a lawn mower to a 5-ton roller. Our prices are very affordable and rental rates are based on single-shift usage.


Rent Equip Shippensburg PA will send out equipment with a full tank so you don’t have to worry about the fuel running out. No matter what heavy equipment you are looking to rent, our rental advisors at rental equipment Shippensburg PA are here to help you every step of the way. To rent equip Shippensburg you can contact us through our website and we will provide you with the best services.


Finding the best equipment rental in Shippensburg PA can be a difficult task with limited options which is why we have decided to make it easier for you.The hardest part about searching for the right construction equipment rental company is finding an experienced vendor with the inventory to satisfy your demand. Rent Equip prides itself on providing superior service and offers only the highest standard machines from the finest manufacturers.

Equipment Rentals: Browse Equipment and Tools By Category

We are aware of the value of good materials for completing construction projects of all sizes and how important it is to have access to the best tools for the work. By working with Rent Equip, you can be sure that you’ll have access to our fleet of cutting-edge machinery, which will enable you to do your jobs swiftly and effectively. We provide a range of equipment rental perks that will increase your productivity at work.


Choose from a comprehensive fleet of high-performance equipment from Prince Frederick, Hagerstown, and Hancock Maryland, or in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Chambersburg, Greencastle, and Waynesboro Pennsylvania.

Boom Lifts

When your project necessitates the safe placement of persons and materials in elevated areas, you’ll need a reliable source for boom lifts. Rent Equip brings articulating, straight, and electric boom lifts directly to your project site, allowing you to get to work fast and efficiently. We have about 17 types of boom lifts for your needs. Boom lifts for rent are available from the best manufacturers in the world.


When you need access to heights, boom lifts are ideal for construction, warehousing, utility maintenance, and much more. Contact us today if you are looking for boom lift rentals in Hagerstown, Maryland, or in Carlisle, Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and other surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. We Deliver!

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift helps workers complete precise operations at high elevations, from close inspections to cable wiring, by providing a safe, solid containment and a rising platform. A scissor lift is used for the lifting of goods or persons consisting of a steady platform. These can be used anywhere from the construction sector to the entertainment industry.

Scissor Lifts are in high demand from industries like warehousing, construction, energy production, laboratories, and automobile servicing. We provide scissor lift rentals that are known for their excellent performance, easy handling, and simple operation. If you need to rent a scissor lift in Frederick, Maryland, Greencastle, Pennsylvania, Highspire, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas, contact Rent Equip today to learn about our competitive pricing.

Scissor Lifts Middleton PA
Compaction Equipment Gettysburg PA

Compaction Equipment

These can be used for compaction of soil, sand, gravel, broken stones, etc. We have a variety of compaction equipment, from a 1-ton roller to an 8-ton smooth single roller. If you’re planning ahead to rent compaction equipment or you’re in the middle of a job, you can rely on our team and technicians to deliver the equipment you need to get the work completed.

We help businesses like yours fulfill short and long-term project requirements by renting high-performance compaction equipment. We have a large selection available and deliver compaction equipment rentals to Hagerstown, Maryland, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Need excavators in Shippensburg PA for rent?

Excavators are equipment with a bucket, claw, revolving cab, and movable tracks that are extensively utilized. These components give this heavy equipment additional digging force and mobility, allowing it to do anything from digging trenches and breaking holes to transporting waste and exploring mines. We recognize that your construction project requires the best heavy-duty Excavators available, with the highest levels of performance, power, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. Our fleet includes tracked and hydraulic excavators with unrivaled features and cutting-edge technology, ranging in size from 3.5 to 20 tones and suiting a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. There are many types of excavators used for different purposes. We rent all!

Rent Equip offers efficient excavator rentals in Hagerstown, Maryland, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. These excavators are perfect for heavy-duty clearing, digging, and trenching jobs.

Excavators Hagerstown MD
Skid Loaders New Oxford PA

Skid Loaders

A skid loader is a multi-purpose machine used to move material. It can also be used to clean areas with much ease. We will provide you with the most appropriate and competent advice as to what sort of Skid Loader is best for your project and also provide you with the highest-performing and most up-to-date equipment model that will provide you with the best value and return on your rental cost. We make certain that you receive high-quality construction equipment that will enable you to complete your large-scale projects on time and within budget.

Our fleet of high-performance skid loaders provides quality and efficiency to any small to medium tasks including lifting, grading, and leveling, even when space is limited. Rent skid loaders for your project in Hagerstown, Maryland, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Manchester, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.


We are well aware of forklifts’ incomparable utility in moving big objects and supplies from one location to another quickly and efficiently. Forklifts play an important role in material handling because they can improve unit load capacity by increasing production and lowering aisles. This sort of lift truck is ideal for racking purposes.

We offer forklifts for rent that can handle a multitude of tasks, both indoors and outdoors, including loading, unloading, line feeding, stacking, order picking, and horizontal haulage. Our forklifts will help you get your job done right in Hagerstown, Maryland, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Steelton, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. We have the equipment you need to move loads reliably and efficiently. We Deliver!

Forklifts Palmyra PA
Property Maintenance Equipment Gardners PA

Property Maintenance Equipment

We recognize the importance of property care, whether it is esoteric grass trimming, equipment repair, or technological building, and how critical it is for preserving property assets in a nice and appealing shape. You may rent our property maintenance equipment in Maryland and Pennsylvania to assist you to maintain the landscape, mechanical equipment and infrastructure, roads and highways, shared areas of buildings, and external features.

Solid property maintenance equipment is crucial to helping you and your team manage the property efficiently. We rent quality chippers, grinders, movers, and trenchers. Get your property maintenance equipment rentals today in Williamsport, Maryland, or in Carlisle, Newville, Gardners, and many other areas in Pennsylvania.

General Construction Equipment

Do you require construction equipment rental in Pennsylvania? Confused about where to rent industrial construction equipment from?

Don’t you worry! Whether it’s construction equipment rental in Pennsylvania or construction equipment rental in Maryland, we’ve got you covered no matter where you’re located!

You no longer have to worry about where to get your general construction equipment. It is required at many levels while completing a project and we are here to make it easier for you in case you need to know where to rent industrial construction equipment.

We offer several types of general construction equipment that will serve your job site from start to finish. We rent general construction equipment in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Construction Equipment Rental Pennsylvania
Construction Trailer For Rent


Need a construction trailer for rent? Looking for a construction trailer rental near Pennsylvania or a construction trailer rental near Maryland?

We offer a wide selection of trailers for hauling purposes. You can safely transport your goods to or from the construction site. A construction trailer for rent can also be used for purposes such as transporting livestock. It can be attached to your heavy vehicle without using any sort of machinery of its own.

We rent construction equipment trailers of all sizes in Hagerstown, Maryland, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.


Adding attachments to the equipment can boost your level of productivity and make it easier to maintain the projects you are working on. We offer a wide range of attachments to choose from according to your needs. Be sure to pick the attachment that is most suitable for your machinery. It can unnecessarily expensive to buy these attachments if they are used for a one-time project so the best thing to do is to rent them from us.

Rental attachments will boost and improve the efficiency of your rental equipment. We have a comprehensive list of rental attachments to choose from. Get your job done faster with Rent Equip.

Excavator Attachment

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