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Do you know why compaction of soil is a highly necessary step before building begins? Do you require rental service for Compaction Equipment South Mountain PA and Compaction Equipment Highspire PA?

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Soil Compaction Is A Crucial Task

Soil compaction is a critical step in the construction phase. It offers the required stable bottom for buildings, construction foundations, walkways, roads, and numerous other construction structures. The compaction process increases the resistance and stability of the soil beneath these supports. It is critical to understand why it takes significant attention and many aspects to do it appropriately.


The majority of the structures that are human-made are backed in some way by the ground beneath them. Various construction processes, such as excavation work, grading, and trenching, frequently disturb the soil during the construction project.


As a direct consequence, air and/or water get into the soil mass, and the soil volume increases. These air voids and water particles must be removed in order for the ground to be capable of supporting what is being constructed on it.

Primary Objectives of Soil Compaction Process

Compaction of soil and elimination of air voids tends to offer and increase the superior strength of soil, reduce its capacity to be compressed, and significantly reduces permeability. It will decrease the voids ratio, making it very difficult for water to flow through the soil.


It is concluded that soil compaction supports several objectives:

  • Boost bearing capacity​
  • Maximize durability
  • Boost resistance to deformation
  • Reduce frost damage
  • Improve stability
  • Prevent permeability
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What Happens If The Compaction Is Not Done Right?

Failure to remove the air voids between soil particles before attempting to build any structure, irrespective of soil type, can result in unpredictable and unwelcomed movement of the soil as well as permeation or absorption of water below the constructions or roadways.

In this particular circumstance, the walls of the building structures will begin to crack and potentially crumble, pipelines underneath the roads will begin to crack or leak, holes will show up on the roads, and they will pose serious safety issues.

Equipment For Soil Compaction

Soil compaction equipment comes in a variety of forms. Each compactor has specific material and operating range for which it is most commercially viable. Choosing the most advanced mechanism would complete the job as economically and efficiently as possible due to fewer passes, better fuel economy, and shortened operating time.

Numerous tasks do not necessitate the use of compaction equipment for the majority of the day or week. Compaction tasks are almost certain to be the last step before pouring the wall or pad, which means that compaction equipment must remain idle and gather dust. Passive equipment does not bring in revenue, but it does drain resources. And worst, these machines are more prone to wear and tear than larger equipment.

If your business has encountered concrete work, asphalt work, or foundation work, and the ground conditions are comparable at all of your construction sites, it is prudent to consider buying the machines and equipment. In all other scenarios, taking Compaction Equipment South Mountain PA, and Compaction Equipment Highspire PA on rent appears to be just the choice. You will most likely have direct exposure to newer technology, and you will not be expected to perform regularly scheduled servicing and upkeep. Some rental agencies like RentEquip have upgraded their fleets with the most recent compaction machine models.

Rent high-quality equipment to easily complete difficult tasks and eliminate the stress of equipment acquisition.

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