5 Ton Roller

Compaction Equipment Hagerstown MD

Roller - 5 Ton, 54" Smooth Single

Hydraulic system

  • Driving - Axial piston pump with variable displacement.
    Axial piston motor with constant displacement.
    Radial piston motor with constant displacement.
  • Vibration - Gear pump/motor with constant displacement.
  • Steering - Gear pump with constant displacement.
  • Service brake - Hydrostatic in forward and reverse lever.
  • Parking/Emergency brake - Failsafe multidisc brake in rear axle and front drum motor.


We have the equipment that you need in Maryland; Clear Spring and Pennsylvania; Carlisle, South Mountain, Hagerstown, Fort Loudon, State Line, Gettysburg, Greencastle, Marysville, and Highspire. 


These smooth single drum rollers have a 5-ton hydraulic pressure capacity and are ideal for groundwork prep, highway work, or concrete sidewalk work. It’s also a smart way to level the ground where the foundations will be laid. Since it is smaller, the single drum roller is easier to use in tight spaces.


  • Back up alarm
  • Battery switch (std)
  • Brake release
  • Cup and can holder
  • Differential lock (limited slip)
  • Drive control (right side)
  • Drum drive, ECO mode
  • Emergency stop
  • Engine 55 kW (StageIIIB/Tier4final)
  • Engine hood (lockable)
  • Fuel level display
  • High mounted exhaust pipe
  • Horn
  • Hour meter display
  • Hydraulic checkpoints
  • Hydraulic fluid filter ("spin-on")
  • Hydraulic fluid (mineral)
  • Interlock
  • Key (starter)
  • Lifting points
  • Lifting points for jack
  • Manuals (Operation & Maintenance)
  • Manuals (Spare parts catalogue)
  • Operator's platform (rubber mouted)
  • Operator's station (fixed)
  • Parking brake
  • ROPS (fixed)
  • Seat (adjustable)
  • Seat belt 3"
  • Storage box (on platform)
  • Storage for laminated manuals
  • Tie down points
  • Vandal cover (instrument panel)

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