8 TOn Roller

Compaction Equipment Fort Loudon PA

Roller - 8 Ton, 66" Smooth Single

Optional Equipment

  • * ROPS cabin with seat belts
  • * Working lights front/rear
  • Air condition
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Sliding window
  • Radio (Bluetooth)
  • ROPS/FOPS with safety belt
  • Printer for TERRAMETER
  • Rotary beacon
  • BCM 05 Documentation system
  • Special painting
  • Backup warning buzzer with broadband technology
  • Tractor tires (D/DH)
  • Rearview camera
  • Environmentally compliant hydraulic oil
  • Indicator and hazard lights
  • Padfoot segment kit (D/DH)
  • Dozer blade (DH/PDH)


We deliver the compaction equipment that your construction site demands in Maryland; Clear Spring and Pennsylvania; Carlisle, South Mountain, Hagerstown, Fort Loudon, State Line, Gettysburg, Greencastle, Marysville, and Highspire.

Due to their smaller size, this 8-ton smooth single drum roller will operate in tighter spaces and on more specialized projects.


  • Double pump system for travel drive (DH/PDH)
  • Warning, information and operation displays
  • Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive
  • Hydrostatic articulated steering
  • Articulated joint lock
  • Rear axle with twin spring accumulator brakes
  • No-Spin differential lock
  • Warning horn
  • Single lever control for travel and vibration
  • 2 Contact scrapers Plastic (D/DH)
  • 2 Scrapers (PDH)
  • Emergency STOP
  • Noise insulation
  • Back-up warning system
  • Tractor tires (PDH)

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