5.5 Ton Rubber Track Excavator

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Excavators New Oxford PA

Excavator - 5.5 Ton, Rubber Track

Optional Equipment

  • Cab with A/C
  • Canopy lights
  • Rear working lights
  • Beacon lights
  • 1'3.7" (400 mm) steel track for Angle blade model
  • Additional auxiliary hydraulic circuit 2 (adjustable max. oil flow control)
  • Angle blade with float function and BOE
  • Travel alarm


With this 5.5-ton tight tail swing excavator equipped with rubber tracks, get superior performance in congested areas. It provides easy maneuverability, reducing damage to the equipment, structures, fences, and other obstacles while operating in close proximity, and also allows you to work with minimal traffic disruption in confined spaces or on the roadside.

We have made this compact excavator available for rent in Cumberland in Maryland and Shippensburg, Greencastle, Waynesboro, Hagerstown, Carlisle, Gardners, Biglerville, and New Oxford in Pennsylvania.

Standard Equipment

  • Engine start safety system
  • Travel motor with disc brake
  • Swivel motor with disc brake
  • All hydraulic control
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit 1
  • 2 working lights on cab and 1 light on the boom
  • Dozer blade with float function
  • Thumb bracket and relief valve
  • ROPS/OPG (TOP Guard, Level Ⅰ) canopy
  • Weight-adjustable full suspension seat
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Hydraulic pilot control levers with wrist rests
  • Travel levers with foot pedals
  • Two pattern selection system
  • Digital panel
  • 12V power source
  • Cup holder
  • Horn
  • Double element air filter
  • Auto idling system
  • Water separator with drain cock
  • Dozer blade with float
  • 400 mm rubber track
  • 1 × upper track roller
  • 5 double-flange track rollers on each side
  • 2-speed travel switch on dozer lever
  • 2-speed travel with auto-shift
  • 3-pump load sensing system
  • Pressure accumulator
  • Hydraulic pressure checking ports
  • Straight travel circuit
  • Third line hydraulic return
  • Adjustable maximum oil flow on auxiliary hydraulic circuits 1 (and 2)
  • Auxiliary switch (AUX1) on right control lever
  • Tool box
  • Grease gun holder

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