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Forklifts Waynesboro PA

Forklift - 5K, Straight Mast

Model: FG25

New Equipment Sales and Leasing

The sales professionals at your Komatsu Forklift Dealer will take the time to determine the right piece of equipment for your specific application-then recommend the trucks that will deliver the performance required to get your job done, at the lowest cost of operation.
  • A full line of dependable Komatsu equipment from 3,000 to 35,000 lbs. of capacity
  • A wide range of engine-powered and battery-powered forklifts available
  • Full-payout leasing, residual leasing, long-term rental, or flexible finance options available to meet your specific financial requirements
  • A big selection of new forklifts available from our nationwide network of Komatsu Forklift Dealer locations


This straight mast forklift is perfect for raising, transporting, and placement of palletized and large volume materials on any ground type. The equipment can endure rugged terrain and unlevelled surfaces and is thus used commonly in construction sites, woodwork, and industrial workplaces.

We offer these forklifts rentals by the day, week, or month in Hagerstown in Maryland and Carlisle, Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Greencastle, Steelton, Marysville, Waynesboro, Palmyra, and Gardners in Pennsylvania.    


With the best-trained technicians in the business, your Komatsu Forklift Dealer is committed to keeping your forklifts in top condition—and keeping your business up and running. We offer a complete menu of services for any brand of electric, LP gas or diesel unit, including mixed fleets—from breakdown repair calls to planned maintenance service contracts and complete overhaul service.
  • Planned Maintenance programs can be custom-designed to improve uptime and cut costs
  • Guaranteed Maintenance programs can turn variable monthly service costs into fixed, predictable costs
  • All Komatsu products are backed by one of the longest and strongest warranties in the industry

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