Light Tower Generator

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  • Mitsubishi® L3E-W461ML - liquid cooled, diesel engine
  • Polyethylene Fuel Tank
  • 60 Hz engine/generator
  • Cooling system capable of operating at 120°F (49°C) ambient
  • 750 hour service interval**
  • Full flow oil filter, spin on type
  • Fuel filter with replaceable element
  • Dry type cartridge air filter
  • Wind Rating: 65 mph (105 kph)


The safety of the construction site from theft, vandalism, or other such activities. is of paramount importance. Good lighting will assist the staff in performing tasks precisely and accurately. The equipment has oval aluminum reflectors and tempered glass lenses with a maximum runtime of 140 hours (lights only.)

We deliver this piece of construction equipment on rent in Pennsylvania or Maryland.

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