Trencher, 2' Depth

Property Maintenance Equipment State Line PA

Trencher, 2' Depth


  • Up to 30 horses of raw power.
  • Unique InterChange connection (R230 and R300 only) enables the front end to become the machine and perform like a dedicated unit.
  • Fully hydraulic, articulated steering provides unmatched maneuverability, enabling the operator to easily trench a curve.
  • Ground speed of up to twice that of any pedestrian trencher, and faster than any mini skid steer on the market.
  • Elevated operator work position offers an unobstructed view of the work, resulting in more accurate installations, increased productivity, and greater comfort.
  • Compact size—models with 18-inch (457 mm) tires are only 36 inches (914 mm) wide—so the Zahn can get in, out, and around tight job sites with ease.


The equipment is the absolute best trencher ever made that facilitates you with multi-function ability. Bringing in versatility, and adding several attachments, you now don’t have to compromise productivity. A unique feature is its InterChange Connection that lets its front end become the machine and perform like a dedicated unit. 

Grab this amazing piece of equipment on rent if you are undertaking a project in Maryland and Carlisle, Manchester, Newville, Gardners, Fort Loudon, State Line, Green Valley, and Littlestown in Pennsylvania.

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