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Scissor Lifts Greencastle PA

Scissor Lift - 32' Height, 46" Width, El for Rent

Standard Features

  • Proportional Controls
  • Industry Leading Duty Cycles
  • Drywall Gate1
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • 110V-AC Receptacle in Platform
  • Fold-Down Guard Rails2
  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
  • 20 Amp Automatic SCR Charger
  • Slide-Out Battery Trays
  • All Motion Alarm
  • Horn
  • Hourmeter
  • Manual Descent Pull Cable
  • 36 in. (91 cm) Roll-Out Deck Extension3
  • 50 in. (1.27 m) Roll-Out Deck Extension4
  • Moveable, Removable Platform Control


The electric scissor lift of 32’ height and 46’’ width offers a strong mobile lifting system to work at elevated workspaces. Have a robust large platform to work on that ensures speed and security so that you won't have a chance to slip down.

Ask us today about renting scissor lifts in Frederick in Maryland and in Fort Loudon, Chambersburg, Greencastle, Hagerstown, Newville, Gardners, Highspire, Middleton, and Green Valley in Pennsylvania. 


Accessories & Options

  • Spring-Loaded Gate
  • Flashing Amber Beacon
  • 245 Amp-Hour Batteries1
  • 1,000W-AC Inverter
  • Lifting Lugs
  • UL® EE Rating2
  • Platform Padding
  • Platform Padding with Proximity Switches
  • Quik Welder Prep Package
  • 1/2 in. Airline
  • Nite Bright
  • 220 Amp-Hour AGM Batteries
  • Special Hydraulic Oils

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