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We want to let you know about a few of our terms and conditions that we have in place to help things run smoothly.

We send all our equipment out full of fuel. If you bring it back full there will be no fuel charge. Or we can fill it for you for a convenience fee of $4 per gallon.

Tires and tracks are the responsibility of the customer. Should there be a flat tire or a dislocated track we may charge a service fee to fix the flat or reposition the track. Here are a few helpful pointers that if followed will help ensure your ability to complete your project without these inconveniences. Make sure that the area you are working in is free of sharp objects that could puncture a tire. When operating a track machine your care when turning is key to keeping the tracks on. Be sure to turn gradually if on an incline or in a trench. When traveling on slopes limit your time spent traveling horizontally to the slope. Look out for stumps or large rocks that can peel off a track when turning.

We pride ourselves in providing equipment that is both structurally and functionally sound. However as is the case with all equipment breakdowns do occasionally happen. In the event this would happen to you, please give us a call right away. We really want to know about it so we can get you going as soon as possible. Should a breakdown take place outside of our business hours call anyway and leave a message of explanation. This helps us stay informed and we are better able to make adjustments to your return time once repaired so you can finish your project.