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Rent compaction equipment for efficient soil compaction

Our rental compaction equipment can help you with the compaction of soil, sand, gravel, broken stones, etc. We have a variety of compaction equipment, from a 1-ton roller to an 8-ton smooth single roller . If you are planning to rent compaction equipment for your upcoming projects or you are in the middle of a job and have a seasonal need for compaction equipment, you can rely on our team and technicians to deliver the equipment you need to get the work completed in time and efficiently.

Buying compaction equipment is expensive as well as requires a good amount of maintenance and regular service, so Rent Equip helps construction businesses who search for good-quality and high-performing compaction equipment rental in Shippensburg as a cost-saving alternative to hefty purchases. We offer a variety of compaction equipment such as smooth single rollers, smooth double rollers, and padfoot rollers.

We are here to support your projects in Maryland; Clear Spring and Pennsylvania; Carlisle, South Mountain, Hagerstown, Fort Loudon, State Line, Gettysburg, Greencastle, Marysville, Highspire, and many more towns!

Compaction Equipment Carlisle PA

Roller - 1 Ton, 32" Padfoot Double

4Hr – $130

Day – $195
Week – $580
4 Weeks – $1,595

Compaction Equipment Gettysburg PA

Roller - 10 Ton, 84" Smooth Single

4Hr – $280

Day – $400
Week – $1,265
4 Weeks – $2,915

Compaction Equipment South Mountain PA

Roller - 3 Ton, 48" Smooth Double

4Hr – $130

Day – $195
Week – $580
4 Weeks – $1,595

Compaction Equipment Hagerstown MD

Roller - 5 Ton, 54" Smooth Single

4Hr – $185
Day – $270
Week – $810
4 Weeks – $1,935

Compaction Equipment Fort Loudon PA

Roller - 8 Ton, 66" Smooth Single

4Hr – $215

Day – $305
Week – $910
4 Weeks – $2,175